Welcome! More than 20 million

Welcome! More than 20 million

Welcome! There are more than 20 million male survivors, men who were sexually abused during childhood, adolescence that reside in the United States. Yep! That's about 1 out of 6. Yet only about 4% get or seek any support for the CPTSD (complex post-traumatic stress disorder) challenges they face now, years later. Why?

There are various reasons male survivors don't seek help:

  • negative stigma surrounding men being sexually abused
  • not aware of their subtle CPTSD issues
  • avoiding displaying vulnerability
  • limited services focused on men
  • gender stereotypes
  • not able to emotional express what happened
  • deny the sexual abuse occurred
  • not aware

This is a short list. In our workshops over the years, survivors have listed over 70 challenges they've faced. Many report they were oblivious until triggered by a life event like the birth of a child or being in a familiar setting similar to where the unwanted sexual experience happened. undefined
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Limited focus and services for men who survived childhood, adolescent sexual abuse is a main factor for the existence of this platform.

3 Ways this male survivor blog site can help you

1) Providing a central location for all things male survivor. When I first started my journey, before graduate school, coaching, writing books and conducting workshops, this community was starved for acknowledgement and resources. We were standing on the shoulders of the women's movement outing sexual abuse. Although society is progressing, we still have miles to trek in admitting that many of the issues we face stem from forms of prior abuse. Part of this iteration of my career was birthed in the frustration I experienced while working through various CPTSD challenges associated with the sexual abuse. One of my goals is to make this site dynamic, impactful and affordable for those men searching for information, strategies, and insights to help accelerate their journey.

2) Providing a level of confidentiality to get you started. While my hope is that all male survivors get the opportunity to confidently share their story in a safe place, I also realize we all come from various walks of life where working through our story around unhealthy, unsupportive, judgmental communities can be detrimental to our healing. (I've been there) I have coached execs who could not utilize therapists because it meant the corporation's insurance would no longer cover them. Unfortunately, in the world of insurance the label of being a male survivors and getting help on the record, can be detrimental as you are viewed a high risk.

3) Providing a space to build community and network. Isolation prolongs healing and recovery. The number of guys who began to flourish and create a phenomenal life after attending a workshop, support group, or conference is countless. This is a place where we celebrate unabashedly putting it out there while receiving support, being accepted, connected and love. Whew! Did he say the word "love". Yes, it's a very scary word for us as male survivors because of it's vast associations tethered to our unwanted sexual abuse narratives. Yet when we experience a type of unconditional love from our band of brothers, other survivors, who encourages us despite seeing our dysfunctional parts, we grow.

Now it's your call. Peruse the blog site. Check out some of the stories, strategies, and insights to see if this is a good investment for you to subscribe. Who knows we might see you at a workshop in the near future. Be Safe! - Coach T-

20 Million Male Survivors

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